Monday, October 29, 2012


Video was created on Samsung Galaxy Tab2 in MP4 format

mp4 re-encoded in handbrake

re-encoded in handbrake & given m4v extension

re-encoded in Handbrake & handbrake gave it an m4v extension

mp4 straight from android

encoded from handbrake all three play on iPhone 4 & Galaxy Tab2
MP4 from Android plays okay on iPhone but not on Galaxy
all are hosted at and they change it to swf & embed a player with the code

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012


I attended ISTE 2012 in San Diego, mostly so I could hang out with friends from afar, but also to find some discussions. I am unsure "how much" I got out of attending (other than fun with friends) but I did grow at least a little bit. I guess that is what it is all about, growing, little by little. We keep wanting big revelations, but it really doesn't happen that way. As I tell my athletes, either you are get better or you get worse, you never really stay the same. So if I don't attend things like this, I would be in danger of stagnating/getting worse.

Saturday I attended the Discovery Educators Network (DEN). Usually I attend EduBloggerCon (now called SocialEdCon), but I wanted to try something different. I met a few new people, but I need to get better at writing down contacts for long term conversation. One idea I got was to be more concrete in giving students focus for viewing video segments. One "pre" idea was to give students some vocab words to listen for. Another was to give them three truths and a lie about the video and to find the lie. I probably need to look deeper into Discovery to see what they have for me.

I only attended a few sessions. One was on screencasting. Since I will be presenting on it, I wanted to see what someone else did. I listened to what one school district did for 1 to 1 implementation. The did a 3 year plan and got parents to come to meetings and tech sessions. That will be difficult for us in our BYOD quest. There was nice sessions on copyright, refreshing the ideas of Fair Use. Some people wanted "answers", but there is no black and white when it comes to it.

I met a few new people and hope to continue some long term conversations with them. Molly is a teacher from Louisiana and it was her first ISTE. Dennis is a Superintendent from Indiana and is really pushing his district forward. They have a conference coming up in August, but I will have football practice. Kevin is from Kansas and his district is 1-1.  I also got a book to read. "Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning: Learning in the Age of Empowerment " .  I probably would have gotten it anyways since one of my friends gave it to me.

Now on to Podstock 2012.
And still on my search for the answer (if there is one) to the question..."how much cloud based storage does a student need for a k-12 ePortfolio?"

Friday, August 19, 2011


this is a 23 MB MP4 video (from TED)(and it takes a couple of minutes to upload a 23 MB file) (available immediately after upload, pretty quick upload)

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Video: TomWujec_2010U.mp4


This is a 5 MB mov file using 4 different video hosting services

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ScreenCast Camp 2011

I was fortunate to attend the (first) TechSmith ScreenCast Camp, August 12-15 in Okemos, Michigan (TechSmith headquarters).  TechSmith was a GREAT host.  Lots of employees around to help and answer questions or just discuss ideas, maybe even talk about the software that they have (SnagIt , Jing, Camtasia...).  They even had places for us to "camp", inside on their couches or outside in your own tent (there is a hotel next door, and some people chose to pay & stay there). They provided food & beverages all weekend.  The food was excellent (thanks for all the fresh fruit, i needed that).

ScreenCast Camp was run as an "unconference" where attendees propose session topics (what do you want to learn about, what do you want to share, what do you want to discuss). These go up on a board (usually 2 or 3 per time slot), then people chose which to attend.  It leans more to sharing & discussing than lecture.  Some of the sessions I attended included
a) the flipped classroom & using screencasts to help accomplish this
b) how TechSmith makes screencasts
c) & embedding videos in ePubs
d) using screencasts for feedback to students, as well as students creating screencasts for assessment & feedback
e) a screencasters little helpers (some of the other tools you utilize)
f) the 10 commandments of screencasting
g) mobile screencasting (iPads, tablets)
h) Camtasia 101
i) embed codes and tweaking them (from & others)

I have many take aways from these 2 days, besides the mosquito bites.  One is the contacts at TechSmith.  Now I feel like I can email them to ask questions or suggest things for their products (we need to talk about education pricing for  I feel more inclined to participate in their Forums because I know that they will listen.  I want to incorporate more screencasting in my classroom (myself as well as the students) and the Camtasia and SnagIt software that they gave me will help me greatly (I have already loaded Jing on one set of iMacs in our computer lab, now to get the tech guys to load it on the Windows side and work out the "student screencast accounts" issue...).  I even won a door prize!!! A Wacom Bamboo that I gave to my art teacher.

I met some people who are doing similar things to what I envision and learned many things from them.  Dan helping people work to flip the classroom, Matt & some pointers about audio, Tricia & Helen showing off ePubs with video embedded, Russell using screencasting with his students, Anton talking about the other tools that help you with your screencast, and Dan with his "commandments." All these are things that will help me make more & better screencasts, which should help my students learn and showcase their learning.
(kella's notes from sessions)

I hope TechSmith tries to do this annually.  It is good to get together with people who are trying similar ideas for support and pointers.  It was nice to have people from different fields, getting ideas how "they" use it.   There was some talk of "taking it on the road" and spreading the word about screencasting, and that will be good.  But the road show will lack some important things, the environment at TechSmith HQ (the "playful" atmosphere, the couch meeting areas...) and the 30-40 employees who were there to share expertise & help with anything you needed.

I would like to bring TechSmith (a couple of people) to Podstock (end of June 2012, after ISTE) and most likely present sessions on screencasting.  There are 200+ dedicated movers & shakers in education at this conference and many are interested in learning more about this.