Friday, August 19, 2011


this is a 23 MB MP4 video (from TED)(and it takes a couple of minutes to upload a 23 MB file) (available immediately after upload, pretty quick upload)

from Google Docs (takes a long time to be ready after upload)

from myBrainshark (some processing time after upload)

from Pixorial (but why does the file size EXPLODE..this 23 MB vid is listed as 73 MB in Pixorial) (some processing timeafter upload)

Video: TomWujec_2010U.mp4


This is a 5 MB mov file using 4 different video hosting services

embed from (fastest upload and ready to paste, almost immediate)

embed from Google Docs (dont remember how long til vid available, not immediate)

embed from myBrainshark (pretty quick)

embed from Pixorial (video not immediately available)
Pixorial has an HTML5 embed option.....hmmmm


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ScreenCast Camp 2011

I was fortunate to attend the (first) TechSmith ScreenCast Camp, August 12-15 in Okemos, Michigan (TechSmith headquarters).  TechSmith was a GREAT host.  Lots of employees around to help and answer questions or just discuss ideas, maybe even talk about the software that they have (SnagIt , Jing, Camtasia...).  They even had places for us to "camp", inside on their couches or outside in your own tent (there is a hotel next door, and some people chose to pay & stay there). They provided food & beverages all weekend.  The food was excellent (thanks for all the fresh fruit, i needed that).

ScreenCast Camp was run as an "unconference" where attendees propose session topics (what do you want to learn about, what do you want to share, what do you want to discuss). These go up on a board (usually 2 or 3 per time slot), then people chose which to attend.  It leans more to sharing & discussing than lecture.  Some of the sessions I attended included
a) the flipped classroom & using screencasts to help accomplish this
b) how TechSmith makes screencasts
c) & embedding videos in ePubs
d) using screencasts for feedback to students, as well as students creating screencasts for assessment & feedback
e) a screencasters little helpers (some of the other tools you utilize)
f) the 10 commandments of screencasting
g) mobile screencasting (iPads, tablets)
h) Camtasia 101
i) embed codes and tweaking them (from & others)

I have many take aways from these 2 days, besides the mosquito bites.  One is the contacts at TechSmith.  Now I feel like I can email them to ask questions or suggest things for their products (we need to talk about education pricing for  I feel more inclined to participate in their Forums because I know that they will listen.  I want to incorporate more screencasting in my classroom (myself as well as the students) and the Camtasia and SnagIt software that they gave me will help me greatly (I have already loaded Jing on one set of iMacs in our computer lab, now to get the tech guys to load it on the Windows side and work out the "student screencast accounts" issue...).  I even won a door prize!!! A Wacom Bamboo that I gave to my art teacher.

I met some people who are doing similar things to what I envision and learned many things from them.  Dan helping people work to flip the classroom, Matt & some pointers about audio, Tricia & Helen showing off ePubs with video embedded, Russell using screencasting with his students, Anton talking about the other tools that help you with your screencast, and Dan with his "commandments." All these are things that will help me make more & better screencasts, which should help my students learn and showcase their learning.
(kella's notes from sessions)

I hope TechSmith tries to do this annually.  It is good to get together with people who are trying similar ideas for support and pointers.  It was nice to have people from different fields, getting ideas how "they" use it.   There was some talk of "taking it on the road" and spreading the word about screencasting, and that will be good.  But the road show will lack some important things, the environment at TechSmith HQ (the "playful" atmosphere, the couch meeting areas...) and the 30-40 employees who were there to share expertise & help with anything you needed.

I would like to bring TechSmith (a couple of people) to Podstock (end of June 2012, after ISTE) and most likely present sessions on screencasting.  There are 200+ dedicated movers & shakers in education at this conference and many are interested in learning more about this.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


One year done with a new grading system (Standards Based Grading). Some bumps as always, but overall good. I did pretty well and so did the students. Some liked it much better, some did not, most it did not matter. Very few did any re-assessments. The more I use it the better it will become. Sometimes I waffled between "Mastery" and "is this B work or C work". Not sure about that. Many understood that everything we do does not need a grade. A few would not do assignments/work if it was not for a grade. No matter how much I tried to emphasize the assignment was for learning/practice purpose, they wanted "points for effort." Still need to focus/think about what is a "4". Sometimes it was get everything correct, sometimes it was extend the concept or incorporate something else into it.

I need to have students assess each other early & often. I need students to assess themselves more often. I need to keep stressing doing assignments for learning, then you will demonstrate/assess on that (some still did not get that idea). Still need to create time for interview assessments, as opposed to so many quizzes. Not that we had a lot of quizzes. Is it good or bad that some quarters we only had 4 or 5 grades? Do I need to break standards down further?

Can I get the Seniors to partner with a JH or elementary classroom and do some "Mythbusters" type ideas? Something like answer questions & demo stuff for them, create a blog with their work.

Friday, May 6, 2011


trying to embed a hotlinked MP3 file from kiwi

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blogging from iPad

Testing iPad blogging, wondering if we can do multiple accounts?
I cannot seem to upload a photo to anything (picasaweb, google Docs, google presentation)
I can upload from iPad to dropbox.

So here are some screenshots of a magazine innate on the iPad

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Screencast with Jing

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

The original size was a little big for my blog, so I changed that in the code to 600 x 400 (random numbers, i should have used a multiplication factor to be more exact and keep proportions)

It was simple & easy. Start Jing, select the frame to capture, click start, record, save, upload to screencast, copy screencast embed code, create blog post, paste embed code, done.

This is flash based (as most are) so it will not play on an iPad, iPhone.

Screencast Test with Jing

I used Jing (free version) to capture a screencast using my iMac and Smartboard next to it.
I uploaded to Screencast (2 GB free version)  and copied the embed code.


Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Test MP3

copied code and used Dropbox to host MP3
but need to insert link in 3 different places

here is a different on, only put link in one place

or multiple player

better yet
this website allows you to customize a player
pick player and work with generate

or using myBrainshark

One big issue with this is universal access. The embedded players are flash based, so they do not work on iPad/iPhone/iTouch. myBrainshark does work on iPad, so it must not be flash (?).  But the code mentions shockwave/flash, so i am confused.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Testing myBrainshark

i uploaded a photo and recorded on top, then copied their embed code.....does it work??

testing link to mp3

Does this link work??

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1st Semester Portfolios

We are wrapping up the first semester.  Students are working on a portfolio summary for their classes.  I have asked them to create a presentation that will embed in their blog that shows/demonstrates their learning of the concepts this semester.  They should also discuss/reflect a bit on that learning (did they "get it" right away, struggle, what helped them...).  They need to include  pictures of their work or pictures showing the concept, and annotate with an explanation.  They might take pictures of tests/quizzes or make drawings of the topics.  They can find images on the internet.  Some images are in documents in their Google Docs.   Most are using Google Docs Presentation to create this (will be easy to embed in Blogger). A few are using PowerPoint.  We have to figure out an easy way to embed this in Blogger.  One solution I know of is to export slides as JPEG's and put Google Docs Presentation.  Maybe they have a photo sharing account somewhere that they can create a slide show to embed.  We have 3 days scheduled in the computer lab.  This might not be enough time.  They need to do some work for homework.  I asked them to start plotting & planning the 2nd week of Holiday break. No one did.  Since some things lend themselves better to video (moving things, construction process for Geometry) and they might need their voice for their/discussion/reflection/explanation, I think they might need to embed 2 different artifacts, one presentation (slide show) & one video.  We will see.  Time will be tight.

Since they did not blog as much as I hoped/wanted, they will have to create or find some things elsewhere. If they had done as much blogging as I wanted, they would be able to just grab things from previous blog posts, trimming it down to the core of the concepts (since we usually do several different things to learn 1 concept).  Hopefully 2nd semester they will understand this.