Thursday, June 2, 2011


One year done with a new grading system (Standards Based Grading). Some bumps as always, but overall good. I did pretty well and so did the students. Some liked it much better, some did not, most it did not matter. Very few did any re-assessments. The more I use it the better it will become. Sometimes I waffled between "Mastery" and "is this B work or C work". Not sure about that. Many understood that everything we do does not need a grade. A few would not do assignments/work if it was not for a grade. No matter how much I tried to emphasize the assignment was for learning/practice purpose, they wanted "points for effort." Still need to focus/think about what is a "4". Sometimes it was get everything correct, sometimes it was extend the concept or incorporate something else into it.

I need to have students assess each other early & often. I need students to assess themselves more often. I need to keep stressing doing assignments for learning, then you will demonstrate/assess on that (some still did not get that idea). Still need to create time for interview assessments, as opposed to so many quizzes. Not that we had a lot of quizzes. Is it good or bad that some quarters we only had 4 or 5 grades? Do I need to break standards down further?

Can I get the Seniors to partner with a JH or elementary classroom and do some "Mythbusters" type ideas? Something like answer questions & demo stuff for them, create a blog with their work.